June 29, 2011

Attention Red Bull Creation teams:

Hey Red Bull Creation teams!

We’ve been getting LOTS of calls from you guys over the past couple of days, which is awesome. We’re close to McCarren park, and we’re happy to help as many teams as we can. Here’s the specifics, in the interest of making things go very quickly / smoothly / inexpensively

  • The CNC router, mill, and lathe are available to run your jobs
  • Teams are responsible for sourcing and bringing their own materials to the shop. See below
  • Teams are responsible for hauling off their scrap. (this is important)
  • The CNC router will be available for plywood and acrylic only.
  • The mill and lathe will be available for plastic and aluminum only.
  • Files should be nice clean sexy DXF, DWG, or IGES files, ready to rock and roll. Don’t nest router parts too close together or too close to the edges - Leave an inch or two.  Wood is going to cut with 3/8 bits, plastic with 1/4”
  • Keep us updated on your schedule. If stuff gets way crazy and late or in to the weekend, you’re probably going to need to bribe the technician that runs your job.

Local vendors, because everybody is asking…

  • Lumber City Building & Supply - 84 N 3rd St, super close to the event
  • Marley Building Supply, 858 Meeker Avenue. Alternative to Home Depot.
  • Meserole Lumber, 20 Meserole Street 11206
  • E&T Plastics, 36-01 47th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens
  • CNC plasma cutting -  4th State Metals, 120 Hope St, Brooklyn
  • General welding + fabrication -  Hussar Metals, 99 commercial st
  • Electrical - Greenpoint Electric - 310 McGuinness Boulevard
  • Sheet Metal - Harry Brainum Jr. Inc, 360 Mcguinness Blvd (dickheads)
  • Steel - Rapid Steel - 4963 30th Street, Long Island City, Queens
  • Home depots are all over the place, and they’re all HORRIBLE.

Good luck!